Professional Wildlife Consultants: What to Look For

Not many of us can look at a piece of property and know what needs to happen, if anything, to make that place a quality deer sanctuary. The first thing most hunters think of is food plots or mineral stations. And, those things are usually very important components of a well-managed piece of property.

There is  a biological science available to regular folks like us. The science comes to our property through the trained eyes and expertice of professional wildlife managers. Cody Altizer does a very good job of educating us about what to look for when we begin working with a wildlife biologist. A good click.

Bringing in the Big Guns: Professional Wildlife Consultants | Blog.

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Mineral Stations: Creating a Healthy Snack Bar for Deer.

Have you thought of creating a series of “Mineral Stations” on your property? Creating these jewels is definitely an idea worth seriously considering. It helps the deer herd and it helps you collect data on your herd. Both are important.

Back in the old days, we would go to the feed store, get a block of salt that we used for cattle and take it to the woods. The deer would usually devour it, and in the process dig a hole in the ground. Later, we replaced the salt blocks with mineral blocks, and in some cases we put out both mineral and salt blocks.

With the dawn of trail cameras, it did not take long for hunters to create a “place” to hang a camera. At first we simply threw out some corn or other attractant. However, with the advances made by quality deer management organizations we began a more scientific, data gathering approach. Many good things have come from creating mineral stations. The following click about starting and developing mineral stations is a good read.

Mineral Stations: Creating a Summer Big Buck Hot Spot on Your Property | Blog.

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The New Si Robertson Series From Flextone | Hunting News | Bowhunting.Com

I was in the Windy City of  Chicago during the month of September. Taking break from my hotel, I ventured outside onto Michigan Avenue. From the time I left the hotel Lobby until I returned several hours later, I saw hundreds of advertisements featuring one, or all,  of the “DUCK COMMANDERS”. The phenom is crazy. America’s facination with ultra conservative, country, back woods, redneck, hillbilly, down-home, swamp people, ax men, and duck huntin superstars is truely incredible. Perhaps the idea is, “If you want to sell something put a pic of one of these guys or girls on it and you got  yourself a sellable item”. For instance, the new series of turkey hunting stuff from Flextone. I’m almost sure all of it was made in China or Mexico, but once ole Si’s name goes on it,Boom! American through and through! Good huntin’!   Bill Spears, PhD

The New Si Robertson Series From Flextone | Hunting News | Bowhunting.Com.

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